About Sircilla


About Sircilla

Sircilla is a town and the district headquarters of Rajanna Sircilla district in the Indian state of Telangana. It is located on the banks of Maner River in the Sircilla mandal of Sircilla revenue division. It is popularly known as Textile town due to the presence of large number of power looms, textile processing and dyeing units.

Sircilla is the biggest textile hub in the state of Telangana with over 40,000 power looms. It is also home to several spinning mills, textile processing and dyeing industries. Sircilla, along with Warangal is proposed to be developed as a mega textile zone by the Telangana government.

As of 2011 census of India, the urban agglomeration population of the city was 83,186.

Location :

Sircilla town is a 2nd Grade Municipality in Karimnagar District vide G.O. MS No.132,   dated: 19-02-2009 . Sircilla town is situated on Karimnagar-Kamareddy Road at a distance of 40Km. from Karimnagar, is located at a longitude of 78°-48’-00’ East and latitude of 18°-25’-00’ North.

Importance of Sircilla Town :

The occupation of majority population in the town is weaving with Powerlooms, Sircilla is a Mandal Head Quarter of Sircilla Mandal and also Head Quarter of Sircilla Revenue Division.  It is also a commercial centre due to which there is considerable floating population.

The Municipal limits spreads-over as area of 15.25 Sq.Km.  The population of the town as per 2011Census was 75640 respectively.

Sircilla town as constituted to Municipality from major Gram Panchayat Division with effect from 25-09-1987 as per G.O.Ms.No.819, M.A., Dated: 19-09-1987.  It is classified as a Third Grade Municipality in 1987. The extent of Sircilla  Municipality is 15.25Sq. K.M with (12) Revenue wards and (33) Election wards with a population of 75640 as per 2011 census.

There is one Government Community Area Hospital with 100 beds to cover the entire Municipal Area. In addition to the Area Hospital there is two Urban Health Center in this town.

Role of the Town:

Even though the acquired a small industry i.e., Weaving, small scale class located at about every 10 houses of the town. A cotton spinning mill is located near 4 Km away from the town which amount a huge employment.


Sircilla town is situated away from 12.00 Km. distance from pilgrim centre Vemulawada.  Sircilla town is well leveled with Roads.  There are 3 Main Roads passing through the town Namely Siddipet Road, Kamareddy Road and Karimnagar and connecting the main towns Siddipet, Vemulawada, Kamareddy and Karimnagar.  There is a well-developed TSRTC Bus-Depot. A small river Namely Manair River Just Follows aborting to town i.e., Eastern Side & Southern side.  Which is drinking water source of the town.  The soil in and around the town compresses generally a block cotton soils.


The Karimnagar District together with the adjuring Hyderabad forms one of the cost interesting regions, geologically, in Telangana because of the variety of its geological formations. Which also include coal-bearing rocks

Climate :

The climate in Sircilla is comparatively equitable and although it is very warm in April. May and June it is never too oppressive during the rest of the year. It can be seen from the maximum and minimum temperature month wise statement that the weather is very hot from April to June. The minimum temperature did not fall below 38-40 centigrade during these months. It can also be observed that the highest temperature occurs usually in the month of May,


As per the rainfall statement it is observed that the normally rainfall occur in the month of June, July and August. It can also be observed that the first four months of the year via January to May are particularly rainless. But in the month of July fair amount of rain may occur. More than half of the annual rainfall is brought by the southwest monsoon while a greater part of the rest occurs in October and November. The southwest monsoon begins in the middle of July. Usually the period between July -Augusts is regarded as the heaviest monsoon period.